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The Shiants are a small group of islands in the Hebrides, in North West Scotland, four miles or so off the coast of Lewis and 12 from the northern tip of Skye, which lies almost due south of them.

The islands are one of the most important breeding colonies for seabirds in Europe - around 10 per cent of UK puffins and 7 per cent of UK razorbills breed here every year.  The islands recently completed the Seabird Recovery Project from 2014-2018 that now offer a great prospect for seabirds to set up new colonies such as Manx shearwaters and storm petrels. Over the next few years the abundance and diversity of the land bird populations will be investigated to see how they respond to the change. Monitoring the flora and invertebrate communities will also take place to see how these communities adapt.

Keeping the islands open to visitors for the next generation...

The Shiant Isles Bothy Project

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